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Divorce Litigation Parties

Divorce cases are usually filed with the aim of not resolving the problems between the spouses and ending the marriage union irreversibly. For this reason, in divorce cases, the parties make some demands in order to protect their rights. In order to fully fulfill these demands and to protect the rights of spouses, one of the first questions that comes to mind is the question of who would be advantageous to file a divorce case. In divorce cases, women’s rights are generally protected more and positive discrimination is made so that they do not become victims. At this point, if the woman is not working and there are joint children, it is more advantageous for the woman to file the divorce case. If there is a common house or money, there may be issues such as the allocation of this property to women. At the same time, protection can be requested for women who have been subjected to violence by their spouses. The person who filed the lawsuit for the first time can easily benefit from all these rights. Especially if there is violence in the family union or a situation that will shake the family union deeply, it would be more logical for one of the parties to file a lawsuit first. It is important for the aggrieved party to file this lawsuit in order to protect their rights.

Best Bursa Divorce Lawyer

If you want to have priority rights before filing a divorce case and want to learn about all these rights, as Özkök Law Firm, we are taking the necessary steps to provide you with detailed information about all the rights you may request and to obtain your rights. At the same time, we make all the attempts to avoid harming the other spouse for you.

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