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About Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are among the types of cases that can affect the life of the accused and face imprisonment. For this reason, criminal cases are among the serious cases and can negatively affect human life. Defenses made in criminal cases, identified witnesses or evidence are of vital importance for the accused. In the criminal case, one should be very careful and try to get the most positive result for the person. The criminal case is usually among the cases that are concluded and decided within 4 to 5 cases.

Criminal Case Processes

When the first hearing in the criminal case is determined, the process begins with the reading of the indictment to the accused and then the defense of the accused. After the defense of the accused, if there is a complaining party, it is asked whether there is a request to be heard and to participate in the case. The first hearings in the criminal case usually proceed in this way. The court board or the presiding judge may order that the evidence be heard and witnesses, if any, be brought at the first hearing. The most important thing for the accused person is the defense made at the first hearing. The first defense, whether guilty or not, will affect the course of the court. For this reason, the attendance of the parties to the first hearing and the statements they will give at the first hearing are of vital importance for the outcome of the court. If the complainant wishes, he can become a party to the court by intervening. In this case, it is one of the decisions made at the first hearing. In criminal cases, there is usually no result at the first hearing.

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