Divorces are one of the most common cases in family unity and result in the complete dissolution of marriages. While those who intend to get married want to step into a long and happy life, they may go to divorce due to some problems that occur over time. Divorce cases can be long-term according to the laws of our country, and as long as the disagreements between the spouses continue, the decision processes in divorce cases are also prolonged. So, what are the most common problems in divorce cases in courts?

The main reason for divorce is incompatibility in our country. Many different problems can arise in family members with incompatibility. Among the reasons that cause incompatibility, there may be reasons such as financial difficulties, infidelity of one of the spouses, serious differences of opinion, pressure and jealousy of the spouses. The problem of incompatibility can cause serious deterioration in marriages and can radically disrupt the family structure. Well, is incompatibility a sufficient reason for divorce, differences of opinion and shaking the family structure to its foundations are a sufficient reason for a marriage to end. The fact that people disagree, look from the same window, and as a result, incompatibility and regular fights within the family can lead to a mutual divorce of the couples. Reasons such as infidelity, one of the spouses’ behaviors that will harm the family structure, bad habits, and substance use after incompatibility include some of the other reasons for divorce in our country. When executing divorce cases, you should remember that you must provide sufficient reasons to the court and that it is essential to work with a lawyer.