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Disputes may occur on various issues in real estate leasing or buying and selling transactions. In particular, if these disputes experienced by the parties are brought to the court, the issue is investigated by the court and a decision is made. At this stage, people can defend themselves, as well as get help from a lawyer. In our country, you are allowed to defend yourself in any case. At this point, you can also participate in real estate lawsuits you encounter and make your defense.

Although this situation is completely legal, it is not recommended. One of the most important reasons for this is that the person does not have the necessary information about the current laws. This situation is also directly related to the interpretation of laws. However, it will be very difficult for the person to dominate the subjects treated against the legal literature that he is unfamiliar with. Instead, the case can be followed up by making an agreement with a lawyer who is an expert in the field. This will be a very important decision in terms of both the functioning of the case and its conclusion.

What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

Some of the issues that real estate lawyers support are as follows:

  • Environment and natural resources
  • Buying, selling and managing real estate
  • Real estate disputes and litigation
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate public-private partnerships
  • Real estate rental and operation
  • Real estate joint ventures, partnerships and joint ownership transactions
  • Real estate investments
  • Zoning and project plans
  • Build
  • Development of housing projects and condominium
  • Development of commercial real estate projects
  • Real estate purchase for universities and higher education institutions

TO CONTACT NOW: 0 541 485 92 48