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We believed that from the first day on, we should be different from other law offices in terms of our way of working and the services we provide our clients with. It is among the factors that bring us success that we have acquired discipline to provide added value by giving the most appropriate legal solution to our customers with the fastest, effective and high quality. As Özkök Law Office, we offer excellence in all our main fields of work.
Today, our Law Office is a 10-person specialist in the field of private law and public law.


Özkök Law Office believes that you are entitled to the support of savvy and ingenious lawyers in your problems. With this awareness, we focus on the interests of our clients with a team of lawyers specializing in their respective fields. Our aim is primarily to prevent problems from occurring. In other words, preventive attorneyship. We regularly inform our clients about legal issues or transactions through the weekly or monthly meetings we make with the companies, organizations and individuals we provide counseling, as well as formulate our strategies in the most accurate manner and walk with sure steps.


The mediation service under the Ministry of Justice is subject to the Ministry of Justice’s legal affairs administration; lawyers selected from at least 5 years of lawyers who have received the necessary training and have demonstrated success.
Persons or companies may take mediation services in matters of criminal or misdemeanor law and in matters of administrative law, except divorce cases or domestic violence cases, in any dispute.


As Özkök Law Office, we have been working as Qnbfinansbank A.Ş. since 2008 and since 2017 as Vera Contracting Bursa contracted office. We also carry out receivables follow-ups from various sectors of our client firms.
Our call center team tries to help all the borrowers by means of telephone, messaging and voice mail all the day, to provide payment facilities and to make debts easily payable by interest rate reduction or by installment in installments.
Our field and operation team is contacting the borrowers by reaching the borrowers through various query programs. Our executive team provides support for collection of documents in the execution area, placement of property seizures, placement of salary seizures, foreclosure and preservation operations.



She was born in 1987 in Bursa. In 2010, She graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Law. Since 2013, She has been a freelance lawyer. Works on Employment Law, Compensation Law, Enforcement Law and Family Law. She is an actuary expert in compensation law. She has been an expert witness in business law. She speaks English well.

We have been working with Özkök Law Office as Kromlüks A.Ş for about 5 years. We thank them for their meticulous, careful and reliable work and for their professional help and guidance in legal matters.
Mustafa Çelikten, Kromlüks A.Ş.

We have been working with Özkök Law lawyers for the past 4 years. As we grow and evolve, what we value most in Özkok Law is to recognize our company and know what we need.

Ahmet Yıldız, Yıldız Medikal Danışmanlık
Hemen Arayın