Power of Attorney

  • You must have your identity card or passport with you at the Notary.
  • Divorce, refusal of inheritance, recognition and enforcement must take place on behalf of the deputy in cases where special authority is required. At the same time, two photographs of the proxy must be included in the proxy statements so that you can be represented in the divorce case.
  • If there is a certificate of authority and a signature circular indicating that the person acting as proxy is authorized to represent the company and at the same time a person other than the lawyer company is required to act as proxy in the company proxy, it is necessary to take the role of “proxy on behalf of the company.
  • The person wishing to appoint a proxy from abroad, will be able to remove the power of attorney by foreign missions of the Republic of Turkey rather than notaries.


  • SİCİL NO: 24605
  • TC: 26896737592