How Long Does a Divorce Case Take?

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Divorce Case Periods

1-) Duration in Uncontested Divorce Cases

Uncontested divorce cases are realized by submitting the protocol prepared as a result of the agreement of the parties on the divorce and the results of the divorce to the court and the court’s decision to accept the protocol. For this reason, a divorce reason is not presented to the court, the evidence is not examined by the court, the fault status of the parties is not investigated. If the case is followed by the parties, the hearing date is given early, the decision is written in a shorter time, and the parties give up the appeal by receiving the decision by hand, these cases are concluded within 10-20 days and can be finalized in about 1 month.

2-) Duration in Contested Divorce Cases

Contested divorce cases are the cases where the court investigates the fault rates of the parties and therefore collects the evidence presented by the parties. In contentious cases, after the lawsuit is filed, the parties submit petitions for lawsuit, reply, reply and second reply, and a hearing date is given after these petitions are presented. In addition, these cases last between 8-12 months on average, since it is a question of hearing witnesses and getting reports from social workers if there is a joint child.

3-) Time in the Appeal Review

The family court, after examining the evidence and making a decision, writes its reasoned decision within 1 month. With the notification of the reasoned decision, the 2-week appeal period of the party who does not like the decision begins. Upon the appeal of one of the parties against the decision, the file is sent to the Law Office of the relevant Regional Court of Justice for the purpose of examining the file and deciding on the objection. The appeal review of the Regional Court of Justice can take 1-1.5 years on average.

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