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Divorce is simply the end of the marital union. If the spouses do not want the marriage union to continue, they can request a divorce based on certain reasons by opening a lawsuit. After the divorce, there are some financial and legal consequences. In this sense, the divorced parties have a legal right to remarry. Again, the divorced woman. However, citizenship, maturity and kinship in marriage does not end. In addition, with the realization of the divorce, material or moral compensation and alimony may be in question. Divorce cases are one of the most common cases in courts today. However, the divorce process is a very delicate process and therefore the divorce lawyer with the couples must have the necessary qualifications. If you want to work with a good Bursa divorce lawyer who can get the necessary assistance during the divorce process, Özkök Law Firm is always with you with our expert team in the field of Family and Divorce Law.

What is the Impact of a Good Divorce Lawyer on Divorce Cases?
Divorce lawyer is the lawyer who deals with family law and divorce cases. Divorce lawsuit is a lawsuit that will be filed as a result of the decision of the couple or one of the spouses to end the marriage union. Lawyers dealing with these cases give their clients the subject of family law; They provide legal counseling on issues such as divorce, alimony, custody and property sharing. It is very important to work with a good lawyer in the field in order to overcome the divorce process, which is sometimes quite difficult and wearing, easily and quickly.

An expert divorce attorney is undoubtedly a lawyer who has a good command of legal matters and is qualified to provide the necessary assistance to couples who apply for a divorce request. In this sense, the services offered by a good lawyer should continue from the moment the couples first apply to him until the court’s conclusion. Again, a competent lawyer must be honest with his client and establish a relationship of trust with his client.

Transparent explanation of the facts and events is of great importance in divorce cases. For this reason, it is very important to provide correct information during the meeting with the Bursa divorce lawyer, from whom consultancy service is received. People who trust their lawyers can easily talk about events that made them want to divorce honestly. A good divorce lawyer will collect the information he receives from his client and present this information at the court stage. Again, a lawyer competent in his field will be able to put his experience and legal knowledge into practice during the divorce process.

The role of the lawyer is less in negotiated divorces, as the parties agree to each other. However, in contentious cases, it is very important to choose a divorce lawyer as there are serious problems between couples. For this reason, a good lawyer should be chosen among Bursa Osmangazi divorce lawyers in order to protect the assets of the injured party, to file a compensation case, to complete the processes such as alimony and custody in the best way.

The Role of Divorce Lawyer in Divorce Proceedings
Divorce cases are cases that are carried out in strict accordance with the rules. In these cases, the main purpose is to ensure the realization of divorce without both parties being victims. Here, the role of the lawyer is to purify his client’s feelings and encourage them to think. In particular, the spouse should remind the rights offered by the law and indicate to arrange their demands within the framework of these rights. Thanks to this attitude of the lawyer, divorce cases will be lived more fairly and at the same time without any problems. In this sense, in order to live a smooth and fair lawsuit process, Attorney At Law, which stands out with its fast, effective and quality legal consultancy service among Bursa Nilüfer divorce lawyers. You can contact Özlem Zennup Özkök and the Özkök Law Firm he founded.


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