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Labor law is a set of legal arrangements made to ensure legal order in the field of work. However, there may be situations that are contrary to these regulations made within the scope of labor law. Possible disagreements between the employee and the employer may create some rights for the employee as well as bring various obligations to the employer. Most of the conflicts experienced are usually due to the inability of the worker to obtain the material gains he is entitled to. These financial gains are mostly in the form of compensation or non-collection of wages. The compensation or remuneration that the worker deserves is protected by some laws. However, many workers are not even aware of these rights granted to them by the law. At this stage, the duty of collecting the receivables of the worker by legal means is carried out by the bursa worker receivables lawyer. If you are looking for a labor lawyer in Bursa to protect your rights, Atty. You can choose Özkök Law Firm, founded by Özlem Zennup Özkök, and get professional service from the lawyers who are experienced in their field.

Who is the Workers Claims Lawyer?

Lawyers working with the title of workers’ receivables lawyer take this title because they are specialized in labor law and laws governing workers’ receivables. As a matter of fact, there is no attorney class defined as workers’ claims attorney under the legal profession. However, labor law, like other fields of law, has a comprehensive legislation. For this reason, lawyers who are experts in the laws regarding workers’ receivables within the scope of labor law are called workers’ receivables lawyers. Again, lawyers specializing in labor law in the field of labor rights are called labor lawyers.

In labor law, some rules have been established in line with the principle of protection of workers who are in a weak situation against the employer. The labor court lawyer follows the worker’s cases in line with these rules. Labor rights lawyers, who are specialized in business receivables, know these principles very well and protect the rights of the worker technically and experientially. However, a labor lawyer also follows legal changes and the current jurisprudence of the Supreme Court and thus strengthens the business case he deals with with current case law.

Considering the practice, Bursa employee receivables lawyer does not only handle cases. In addition, there is a need for a lawyer to counsel employers and workers. In this context, as Özkök Law Firm, which provides labor lawyer services in Bursa, we provide fast and high quality solutions to all your problems in the field of labor law with the professional service we offer.

What are the Situations in which the Worker Can Claim and Claim Compensation?

Workers’ receivables mainly consist of receivables that are subject to termination of the contract and not subject to termination. While the employment contract must be terminated in order for the workers to claim some of their receivables, the contract does not have to be terminated in some of them. Among the receivables that the workers can receive due to termination; severance pay, notice pay and annual leave pay. Again, the employee’s receivables that are not subject to termination; Weekly holiday pay, national holiday and general holiday pay, overtime pay.

It is foreseen that the lawsuits regarding the workers’ receivables to be filed with the labor court will be concluded within 540 days. Although this period is an estimate, special circumstances such as the content of the file and the workload of the court may affect the duration of the case. However, by getting support from corporate law firms that have experience in the field of labor law, it can be ensured that the case related to employee receivables will be concluded in a shorter time. In addition, getting support from an experienced lawyer ensures that the litigation process is followed more effectively. In this sense, if you are looking for a Bursa employee receivables lawyer to solve your labor law problems, you can contact Özkök Law Office and experience the difference of getting legal support from lawyers who are experts in their fields.

TO CONTACT NOW: 0 541 485 92 48