Who Stays at Home in a Contested Divorce?

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Contested Divorce Case

The most problematic and tiring situations in divorce cases show themselves in contentious divorce cases. Divorce cases become contentious in cases where people cannot agree on divorce and cannot agree on issues such as property division and custody of children. Contested divorce case means cases in which the parties cannot reach an agreement on any issue and all settlements are requested by the court. In these cases, the parties generally do not show a positive approach to each other. The fact that the parties have common houses is also one of the contentious issues in these cases. In contested divorce cases, the party who wants to allocate the joint house to who will stay in the joint house can provide the court with justified reasons and ensure that the joint house is allocated to him.

Mutual Agreement, Sharing of Goods

In our country, the allocation of communal housing is often demanded by women. If the reasons of the requesting party are found justified by the court, the shared house can be allocated to the requesting party. The joint house may be allocated to one of the parties, sometimes until the end of the case and sometimes indefinitely. In order to manage this process in the most correct way, with the help of an expert lawyer, you can allocate your joint house to yourself or take the necessary steps to prevent a decision against you at the request of your spouse. The answer to the question of who stays at home in a contested divorce depends on which of the parties needs this house and the decision to whom the joint children will be given, if any. In particular, the party that takes custody of the children usually allocates the joint house to itself. If you want the joint house to be allocated to you in your divorce case, you must make a request from the court in this regard.

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