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Criminal law is a branch of public law that deals with the concepts of crime and punishment. The main purpose of this branch of law, which is divided into two parts in general and private; to ensure public order, to apply the necessary criminal sanction for the crime committed, to ensure the continuity of the society, to ensure the safety of the individuals living in the society and to protect the rule of law. Criminal case, on the other hand, is a public case brought by the prosecutor’s office to prosecute people who have sufficient suspicion of committing a crime with an indictment. Again, all criminal cases are in the nature of public cases. Because the prosecutor’s office has to file a lawsuit if the conditions are met. So, which court has jurisdiction in these cases?

Which Court is Responsible for Hearing Criminal Cases?

The general courts responsible for dealing with criminal cases are the Heavy Penal Court and the Criminal Court of First Instance. However, apart from these general courts, criminal cases can also be conducted in some special courts due to the nature of the perpetrator or the nature of the crime. These special courts are; Juvenile Court, Juvenile Heavy Penal Court and Intellectual Property Rights Criminal Court.

In addition to these, how to open a criminal case is also related to the nature of the crime. As long as the crimes related to the complaint are not the subject of a complaint by the people who have been harmed by the crime, the prosecutor’s office cannot initiate an investigation by itself. However, in crimes not related to the complaint, the prosecutor’s office takes action on its own and investigates whether the crime has been committed, if it has been committed, by whom it has been committed and what crime has been committed. The prosecution office, which has come to the conclusion that a crime has been committed with the evidence collected as a result of the investigation, has to file a lawsuit.

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