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How To Divorce As Soon As Possible?

When the decision to file a divorce case is made, it is quite normal for the parties to want to bind this decision to a legal basis as soon as possible. Divorce cases, contrary to what is known, have a long-lasting and often wearisome feature. Especially if there are common children and property sharing is in question, the litigation processes may be longer and this period is spread over a large time interval in non-contractual cases. It is everyone’s dream to get results in the litigation process as soon as possible. Because, especially in divorce cases, the ability of people to continue their lives depends on the conclusion of the case as soon as possible.

The duration of the lawsuit is extended or shortened according to the demands of the parties

It is an important detail that the parties do not demand material or moral compensation from each other, that the stated statement is correct and complete, and that they do not demand alimony or social security in order for the divorce case to be concluded quickly. When all these are requested by any spouse, the litigation process spreads to quite long processes due to the investigation of the socioeconomic status of the people. The easiest way to get divorced is to have an uncontested divorce. If the parties can agree on all matters and material and moral issues, they can divorce in one session by declaring this in writing. If the parties cannot agree on common issues, they may have to wait for all these common issues to be decided by the court. For this reason, in order to get divorced as quickly as possible, you and your spouse should agree with a lawyer on all issues. If you and your spouse agree on all other issues, your litigation process will proceed as quickly as possible and the divorce will take place as soon as possible.

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