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Real estate lawyer is the name given to the lawyer who steps in when faced with a legal process, which is known as real estate, ie “immovable” in general. Although there is no branching in the lawyer profession in general, it is a term used to describe the lawyers who have been involved in many lawsuits in the field of real estate and who have achieved very successful results in favor of their clients as a result of real estate lawsuits. In order to use this term, the relevant lawyer must be highly experienced in real estate and have the experience to quickly follow the litigation processes related to these issues.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is a widely used field in Bursa. Lawyers who have the necessary experience in this field find solutions by entering the relevant cases and work to resolve the cases in favor of their clients.

Real estate law is a branch of law used in return for the term defined as immovables regulated in the 4th book of the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721. This branch of law is known to be quite comprehensive as well as compelling when compared to other types of cases. Since quite different branches of subject are mentioned in a case, the experience of the lawyer dealing with the case at this point is very important.

Is It Mandatory to Hire a Lawyer in a Real Estate Case?

In general, in some criminal cases, there is no obligation to hire a lawyer, except in cases where a lawyer is required to represent. Therefore, the person can continue his / her case without hiring a real estate lawyer. In this case, the person can start the processing of the case by opening his own case after preparing and delivering the necessary documents. Although this is possible, it is a method that is never recommended. You may have to lose the case due to the slightest procedural error that can be made especially in cases with quite different details and procedures such as real estate cases.

What Are Real Estate (Immovable) Lawsuits?

We can talk about the existence of different lawsuits filed or to be filed in the real estate field. Although the fact that these cases are different does not require them to be examined between separate issues, a lawyer must know all the main and side issues very well in order to work in this field.

The lawyer dealing with real estate cases must have worked on this area and have received their own experiences of these studies. This situation is very important for a positive conclusion of the case. In the field of real estate, we can say that cases are generally examined under the following headings;

  • Men-i Intervention (Prevention of Intervention) Case
  • Izale-i Şuyu (Elimination of the Partnership) Case
  • Deed Cancellation Cases
  • Deed Registration Cases
  • Deed Cancellation Case Regarding Expropriation
  • Case of Cancellation and Registration of the Land Registry Given by Cadastre Procedure
  • Real Estate Promising Contract
  • Preemption Case (Preemption Right Case)
  • Deed Cancellation Law Arising From Inheritance Law

Someone serving as a lawyer in Bursa has to know all these cases in detail. Especially when starting a case, it will be very useful in cases such as having an understanding of all other case matters, and changing the matter in the later stages of the case. When examined in Bursa lawyers’ offices or more regionally, people who provide Nilüfer real estate lawyers should be well equipped. If any of these areas are known as missing, it will lead to the loss of even the cases with high winning status due to minor procedural errors. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in choosing a lawyer and especially for real estate cases, lawyers experienced in this field should be preferred. You need to be very careful about this, as you will be the one who will be harmful even in the absence of the slightest procedural requirement that the lawyers will bypass. TO CONTACT IMMEDIATELY 0 541 485 92 48

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