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What is Message Management System?

Message management system (İYS) with its general definition, means the national database system where all service providers record their up-to-date commercial electronic message approvals. That is, a service provider; marketing, promotion, campaign, discount etc. It is a system in which they record the approvals they have received for these messages from the recipient before sending their messages with content to the recipients (citizens) via call, message or e-mail. If the recipient does not allow such messages to be sent, the recipient has the right to complain to the IYS.

Is registration to IYS compulsory?

Registration in IYS is of course not an obligation for citizens. However, all real and legal person service providers sending commercial electronic messages are required to be registered in the IYS, and the permissions given by the recipients are also required to be registered in this system.

How can the buyer reach the IYS?

The buyer can log in to the İYS in order to remove the commercial electronic message permission he has given before or to see which commercial electronic messages he has allowed. All services are free for buyers.

To a buyer IYS;

– From the İYS website (from,

-From IYS Call Center,

– Via e-government system,

-Can be accessed via İYS Mobile.

By what date should Service Providers record their past message confirmations to the IYS at the latest, and what will be the status of unsaved message confirmations?

For service providers with more than 150,000 contact addresses, the registration date of past message approvals to IYS has expired as of 31 December 2020. The date of checking these approvals by the citizens has ended as of 15.02.2021.

Service providers with less than 150,000 contact addresses must register their past message confirmations to the IYS by 31 May 2021 at the latest, and citizens must check these confirmations by 15 July 2021 at the latest.

If the past message approvals by the service providers are not recorded in the IYS by the specified deadline, the past approvals will have no effect and the service provider’s re-approval will be required.

How is commercial electronic message approval obtained?

Approval can be obtained in writing or by any means of electronic communication. In addition, the recipient can approve to receive commercial electronic messages through IYS. The burden of proof that consent has been obtained rests with the service provider. However, in case of approval or refusal from the IYS, the burden of proof is lifted from the service provider.

Does it matter whether the commercial message is sent to the individual or merchant recipient?

In order to send a commercial message to the individual recipient, the individual recipient must have approved the message. However, there is no requirement for approval for the merchant-buyer. Although commercial electronic messages can be sent without obtaining approval from the merchant buyer, they must be recorded in the İYS in any case.

So, what will happen if a contact address is used both as an individual and as a merchant?

If a buyer uses the same contact address both as a merchant and individually, the same contact address will be placed in two different ways (both merchant and individual) by the service provider. The buyer will also be able to manage their permits by making a trader/individual distinction through IYS.

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