Claim Your Rights in Work Accidents

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Work accident; It is an event that causes physical or mental disability or death, which occurs in the workplace or due to the execution of the work. However, in order for an incident to be qualified as an occupational accident, four elements must be fulfilled. The first of these is that the accident victim is insured. Again, for an event to be called a work accident; 5510/13, if the victim suffered physical or mental disability after the event, there is a causal link in the accident, and the insured’s place and time. According to one of the issues in the article, it must have been an accident.

What should the worker do in case of work accident?

In the event of an accident, it is not only the employer who is obliged to report the accident according to the law. Because the law imposes an obligation on the worker to report a work accident. In addition, thousands of workers become disabled or die every year due to occupational accidents. For this reason, it is of great importance for employees to seek their rights in occupational accidents.

In the event of occupational accidents, workers must first make sure that the hospital documents are issued as a work accident so that they can claim their rights later and not lose their gains as a result of the accident. Again, it is of great importance that they follow the notification of the accident to the Social Security Institution and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and that if they are dismissed as a result of the accident, they file a lawsuit before the Labor Court, through an expert labor law lawyer, as soon as possible so that they do not experience victimization.

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