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Legal Work Accident

Today, many occupational accidents occur due to not taking the necessary precautions in working life. In order to prevent these accidents, the concepts of Occupational Health and Safety have been put forward. These concepts impose some responsibilities on workers and employers in working life, and it is tried to prevent accidents. However, workers may have an accident for various reasons. The mood of the workers, lack of space, wrong order or working processes are among the factors that cause occupational accidents. In the event of an occupational accident, there are some legal actions that must be applied. So what are these processes?

Legal Actions to be Taken as a result of Work Accident

After the occupational accidents that occur in the workplace, the employer must be notified of the accident without wasting time, while first aid is given to the worker. This can be done through administrative levels, if there is an institution doctor, if there is no institution doctor. The employer is obliged to notify the relevant regional directorate in writing of the work accident and the occupational disease to be detected in the workplace, within two working days at the latest. Again, the accident should be reported to law enforcement officers without delay, and SSI should be notified within 3 days after the accident.

The worker who had an accident at the workplace may have lost his workforce due to this accident. In addition, the worker may have lost a limb or died. In this case, the worker will have suffered a loss of rights and this loss will have to be compensated. In this case, the employee can file a lawsuit for material and moral compensation. Such cases involve many technical details and many processes to deal with. For this reason, it is very important to follow up the work accident cases with an expert worker lawyer.

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