Work Accident Lawyer Bursa


The occupational accident lawyer ensures that the employer overcomes the work accident in the lightest way and the worker receives the rights from the employer. Occupational accidents that should decrease in parallel with the development of technology in our country, on the contrary, are increasing day by day. Occupational accidents are still high on the agenda due to the deficits that are thought to be included in the laws and the indifference of the employers to this situation. Besides the indifference of the employers about the occupational accidents, the fact that the workers are unaware of the rights they have on this issue are among the remarkable points. If work accident lawyer; It provides consultancy services to whom and in what way the workers will apply in case of any small or big work accident and effectively follows the litigation process.

It is of great importance which lawyer will work with in case of an occupational accident. Because it is necessary to evaluate whether the incident is a work accident or not and to determine in this direction. If you are looking for an occupational accident lawyer in Bursa to get information on this subject, Av. You can get support from Özlem Zennup Özkök and the lawyers of Özkök Law Firm, which he founded.

What is the Contribution of the Work Accident Lawyer to Lawsuits?

Occupational accident advocacy has gained more importance today due to frequent occupational accidents, permanent injuries and even deaths. Employers have criminal and administrative responsibilities due to work accidents. However, first of all, it is necessary to evaluate whether the concrete incident is really a work accident and to determine in this direction. Here, it is very important to get work accident lawyer advice for both the assessment of the accident and the compensation of the damage.

Work accidents are included in the 13th article of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No.5510. According to the definition made in this article, some conditions are sought for an event to be qualified as a work accident. For this, first of all, the worker must be insured and the accident must occur while he is at the workplace. Again, accidents that occur when the worker is out of the workplace due to a job or duty assigned by the employer is also considered as work accident.

Duty and Powers of the Work Accident Lawyer

In addition to these, if the employee is sent to a place other than the workplace by the employer, the accidents that occur during the time that passes without the employee performing his / her main job or during the arrival and departure times of the workplace services are considered as work accidents. In this sense, two basic conditions are sought in order to be responsible for the employer due to work accident. The first of these is that the worker is under the responsibility of the employer during the accident, and the second is that the employer does not comply with the obligation to take the necessary precautions to protect the worker. If these situations are in question, the work accident is considered to have occurred.

The court responsible for cases arising from work accidents is the Labor Court. An employee who suffers physical or mental harm as a result of an occupational accident can file a material and moral compensation case against his employer. However, it is very important to get legal support by working with occupational accident lawyers who are experts in the field in opening and maintaining both cases.

A specialist occupational accident lawyer protects the rights of the worker, taking into account the legal conditions. In order to get an idea about what to do when you encounter a work accident, you should definitely contact the labor lawyer; You should have an idea about the events that await you after the accident and in which cases the compensation case will be opened. It is very important to get expert support by meeting with an occupational accident lawyer on these issues for the effective progress of the process. Özkök Law Office is the most important address that the employee and employer can apply to protect and use all legal rights in work accidents. If you are looking for an occupational accident lawyer who you can consult about occupational accidents in Bursa, you can contact us and get professional support from lawyers who are experts in labor law.