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Labor law is a branch of law that deals with employee and employer issues and regulates disputes that may arise in this regard. However, today, situations that are contrary to the regulations made within the scope of labor law can be encountered. Disputes that may occur between the worker and the employer due to these contradictions sometimes give rise to some rights to the employer and sometimes to the worker. An important part of the disagreements arise from the inability of the worker to obtain the material gains he is entitled to. At this point, the worker’s receivables attorney undertakes the duty of collecting his receivables by applying legal means.


What are the Lawsuits Arising from Workers’ Claims?

The lawsuits filed in case the employee cannot collect his/her receivables from the employer while his/her employment contract is continuing or as a result of the employment contract are called workers’ receivables lawsuit. The situations in which the worker will claim or claim compensation can be listed as follows:

  • Receivables related to severance and notice pay
  • Compensation rights related to work accident
  • Compensation rights for occupational diseases
  • Salary and remuneration rights
  • Rights regarding unused leave receivables

Business receivables cases are highly technical cases. In addition, the rights regarding the above-mentioned workers’ receivables may vary depending on the articles of the employment contracts. Again, although these rights are protected under labor law, different procedures may need to be followed. For this, it is beneficial to follow the cases regarding employee receivables by experienced lawyers. You can also contact us to get detailed information about the rights regarding employee receivables, and you can get legal support from our lawyers who are experts in the field of labor law.

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