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Today, as a result of the competitiveness of the economic infrastructure, the environments where employers employ workers can have adverse conditions. Again, disputes may arise between the parties due to the fact that sometimes the contract is in violation of the contract and sometimes the articles in the contract are unlawful. However, in Turkish law, the employment contract imposes obligations on both parties. The worker’s debt is to do the job, and the employer’s debt is to pay a wage for the worker’s service. An expert labor law attorney plays a major role in protecting the rights of the worker, which is often overlooked, and in resolving conflicts in labor law.

How to Be a Good Business Law Attorney?

The preparation of the contract between the employee and the employer, the implementation of this contract and the resolution of disputes arising from the contract are among the fields of activity of the labor law attorney. A good labor law lawyer should have a good command of the labor law and should be able to convey information about what the employee can request from the employer within the legal scope. Again, a lawyer who has a good command of labor law can impose the necessary sanctions on the employer in line with the unfairly terminated contracts. After these sanctions, the worker may receive compensation or be reemployed.

After obtaining the necessary information and documents, a lawyer specialized in labor rights makes an application to the labor court and adds information about the wrongful termination. The lawyer, who follows the process, informs his client about all developments. In this sense, it is very important to work with a lawyer who is an expert in labor rights. For this, you can contact us immediately and get consultancy services from lawyers who are experienced in the field of labor law.

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