Divorce cases; It is a process that starts when the parties or one of the parties apply to the family court for the annulment of the marriage due to their unwillingness to continue the marriage union. Divorce cases may be in the form of an uncontested divorce with the parties’ agreement on certain issues (divorce, custody, personal relationship, alimony compensation divorce), or it will be seen as a contentious case if the parties cannot agree.

If one of the parties does not want to divorce, the divorce case will not be rejected; litigation will continue. A decision will be made here after the trial is done. The parties will prove the facts and evidences they put forward, the trial will continue, and as a result, a judgment will be established. The fact that one of the spouses does not want to divorce sometimes only prolongs the process. If divorce is not desired, then a fault assessment will be made, taking into account the reasons put forward by the other party, and a judgment will be made accordingly. If it is declared that the divorce is not desired while the uncontested divorce case is continuing, the condition of having agreed on certain issues for the uncontested divorce will no longer be valid and the case will be seen as a contested divorce case.