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Things to Consider When Making a Contract

When establishing a prepaid housing sales contract, the value of a residential property must be determined in advance. In this case, it is expected to clearly state how much the consumer has signed under, and the seller bears the obligation to transfer the real estate to the consumer.

In the prepaid housing sale contract, the consumer must pay the sale price of the real estate for residential purposes in advance or in installments, and the seller must undertake to transfer or deliver the property to the consumer after the payment of the price fully or partially.

Consumers must be given a preliminary information form containing the issues determined by the Ministry at least one day before the contract is established. Prepaid housing sales contract cannot be made with consumers without obtaining a building license.


While prepaid house sales are made, it should be registered with the land registry and the promise to sell contract should be drawn up at the notary. Otherwise, the seller cannot subsequently claim the invalidity of the contract to the detriment of the consumer.

The seller cannot ask the consumer to pay under any name or to provide any document that puts the consumer under debt, unless a valid contract has been made.

The consumer can withdraw from the prepaid contract within fourteen days without any justification and without penal terms.

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