When we look at the first article of the UBGT Law No. 2429, it will be understood that the national holiday in our country is only 29 October Republic Day. Our national holiday starts at 13.00 on 28 October and continues on 29 October. General holidays are counted in article 2 of the same law. There are 3 public holidays; New Year’s Day, May 1 and July 15. Official holidays; 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day, 30 August Victory Day. There are two religious holidays, namely Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha. The main thing is that there is no work these days. However, if the work has been done, the employer is required to pay 1 daily wage. In other words, the worker would be entitled to his daily wage even if he did not go to work. The worker who goes to work receives both his own daily wage and a daily wage for working up to 1 daily. Again, not comparable.