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Özkök law firm works in different legal fields together with its attorney services in Bursa. Özkök Law Firm, which takes part in all activities and activities in order to prevent the increasing legal incidents and to prevent people from being involved in crime, cares about people having a better quality of life in all the steps it takes. Özkök law firm, which is the voice of the society and always maintains its relations with people at a good level with its works in this sense, does all the necessary work in cases where legal cases are involved.

Özkök law firm, known for its proximity to its clients, has been working effectively in many fields and in many litigation proce

sses since its establishment, while continuing its work, it also continues to work on cases in quite different areas without slowing down. Not only has it helped to resolve many cases, especially by the way it deals with cases involving drug matters, it has also helped acquit many innocent people.

Drug Cases 

Drug cases are generally considered very frightening crimes among the people. Special studies should be carried out on these crimes and the current Constitutional rights in this regard need to be examined very carefully. However, the accused should learn quite clearly in which part of the penal clause the issues that the accused client is accused of regarding the current case and whether his client has any relation with these crimes.

The meetings between the lawyer and his client are really important. Especially in cases where the person expresses himself as completely innocent, the lawyer should do a very good research on whether there is a relationship between the crime attributed and his client. If there is no relationship, a defense style can be adopted on the point that the client does not have any connection with any crime by pulling the course of the case to this point.

The lawyer will try to leave his client out of this case with no or minimal punishment.

Ozkok Law Firm

Özkök Law Firm, which provides attorneyship services in Bursa, works especially with many successful lawyers in this context. All of the lawyers involved in these studies have had a certain experience and have practiced lawyers in many cases related to the case in question. This will ensure that the steps to be taken in terms of how their defense mechanism should function will be determined before the case starts and to be continued on these points.

Thanks to Bursa’s attorney services, it is aimed to resolve negative cases such as drugs that people encounter and to return innocent people to their daily lives as soon as possible. Taking steps to raise awareness of the society in line with this purpose, Özkök Law Firm aims to make future generations really aware of the fight against drugs. In this context, he wants to continue his dreams of establishing a healthier and less criminal society, along with the works he has done and plans to do.

CONTACT TO NOW: 0 541 485 92 48

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