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Shared Custody in Divorce

One of the issues that cause the most disagreements between the parties during the divorce case is the custody of the children. Sharing the custody of children is carried out according to the material and moral conditions of the spouses. While deciding on custody, the criteria such as whether the parties want the custody of the children, whether the requesting party is in good shape, and if the child is at an age in need of mother’s care and attention, custody should be given to the mother. If the party to whom the custody is given during the divorce cannot fulfill the custody duty properly, a custody case can be filed by the party to whom the custody is not given. In terms of children, the most correct and healthy thing is for the spouses to agree with each other and decide who will have custody during the divorce case.

How Is The Custody Decision Made?

Since children under a certain age need mother’s attention, it would be best to give the custody of these children to the mother. If the mother does not have any financial income, she is entitled to alimony. Alimony is determined depending on the number of children and the working status of the spouse. The fact that the person who will take care of the children is a mother and does not work is reflected in the cost of alimony. Alimony is a right granted by the Turkish Civil Code to the mother, who has been involved in the maintenance of the house for many years, and if the children are still in need of care, alimony continues until the end of their education period. It is required by law that the spouse, who is not given custody, works and provides financial support to his ex-spouse and dependent children. As Özkök Law Firm, we provide professional assistance in order to learn all the information flow related to custody and custody cases, as well as custody sharing during divorce.

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