Are Whatsapp Messages Used as Evidence in a Divorce Case?

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Are Social Messages Evidence in Divorce?

It is frequently encountered that some evidences are obtained and these evidences are requested to be added to the court file during the court process, which begins after the spouses get a divorce decision. While this situation is related to which of the parties is telling the truth, it also plays an important role in determining the compensation to be received. So much so that in some cases the compensation demanded by one of the parties can be given, but sometimes it can be refused.

Are Whatsapp Messages Counted as Evidence?

Recently, Whatsapp messages are one of the most discussed topics on this subject. The issue of whether Whatsapp messages, one of the most frequently asked questions by people, can be used as evidence in a divorce case reveals a rather complicated situation. There is only one condition for Whatsapp messages to be accepted as evidence by the court, and that these messages must be obtained completely in accordance with the law.
When examined from this point of view, to give an example, if your spouse insults or swears at you via Whatsapp during a conversation with your spouse, you can have these correspondences on your phone accepted by the court as evidence. However, if you find that your spouse’s conversations with another person are mixed up without his permission and you present this as evidence, it will not be accepted as valid evidence by the court. At this point, snooping on your spouse’s phone may be considered as illegally obtained evidence, as it will violate the privacy of your private life.

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