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Today, due to the fact that the economic structure is based on competition, the environments where employers employ workers can have bad conditions. In addition, conflicts arise between workers and employers as a result of sometimes acting in violation of employment contracts and sometimes illegality of the articles of the contract. In Turkish law, the employment contract is a contract that imposes obligations on both parties. The employee’s debt is the duty of performing work, and the employer’s is the payment of wages. However, sometimes the rights and receivables of workers are ignored. The only way to prevent such problems is to protect the rights and working conditions of the workers by the rules of law. Again, in this case, the interests of employers should not be ignored and a balance should be established between both parties. For the resolution of disputes in the field of labor law, the support of an expert labor lawyer will be advantageous for the client. Hunting. Özkök Law Firm, founded by Özlem Zennup Özkök; It provides fast, effective and high quality service with its experienced and expert Bursa worker receivables lawyer.

What is the Role of the Labor Lawyer in Employment Litigation?

In modern social life, the rights of individuals are guaranteed within the scope of law and laws. In order to prevent possible grievances and to prevent problems that may arise between the employee and the employer, important practices are carried out within the Turkish modern legal system. In this sense, workers’ rights come to the fore, especially for the business world. In case of violation of the worker’s rights, which include social rights, work accidents and many other issues, by the employer, the worker uses the right to file a lawsuit, which is given to him by the Turkish legal system. At this point, he can get the advice of a labor law lawyer and have the chance to win his rights and remedy his grievances with lawsuits.

Labor Lawyer Fields of Activity

The preparation of the contract between the parties, the implementation of this contract and the resolution of disputes arising from the rights and receivables arising from its implementation, Bursa labor claims attorney’s field of activity. In Turkey, as in all other modern societies, workers’ rights include severance pay, salary receivables, notice pay, annual paid leave, overtime pay, weekend breaks, public holidays, the right to return to work, and compensation for material and moral damages. Workers; If they are victims of actions that are not in accordance with the contract made by the employer in the workplace where they work, they can file a lawsuit through the Labor Courts for the elimination of these grievances and compensation for the damage.

Professional legal support is of great importance in order to get quick results on highly complex and at the same time wide-ranging employment cases. It is possible to conclude the lawsuits in a shorter time by working with a labor lawyer who is experienced in fields such as occupational safety, social security, Social Security Institution sanctions and practices and labor law among Bursa business case lawyers.

Initiating and executing the litigation process by the worker himself, especially by having superficial knowledge of witnesses, evidence and what needs to be done during the litigation process, can cause many negative consequences. The first of these negativities is the loss of rights. At this point, the support of an expert Bursa labor law lawyer should be obtained. In this way, loss of rights can be prevented, claims can be obtained, the litigation process can be concluded quickly, effectively and without any problems. If you also want to get the support of a worker’s lawyer for the elimination of your grievances arising from your employer; Having served as an expert in Ankara and Bursa courts on workers’ rights for many years, Atty. You can contact Özlem Zennup Özkök and experience the privilege of receiving professional support in the field of labor law.

TO CONTACT NOW: 0 541 485 92 48

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